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Protecting Art On Yachts — 5 Ways to Safeguard Your Treasures


It’s your home away from home in the water — Your Yacht. It’s the place where you escape, unwind and set sail for adventures. But what is it that will make your yacht feel more like home while setting it apart from every other boat afloat? Your collection of beautiful artwork. Filling your yacht with the pieces you love truly gives it that special feeling and style that’s uniquely your own. However, when it comes to protecting art on yachts —placing those valuable treasures onboard, there are a few important things to consider.

Over the years of professionally handling valuable artwork here at Bellissima Luxury & Fine Arts Services, we’ve come up with a few tips and considerations to think about before you say bon voyage.

Protecting Art On Yachts Requires Knowing Exactly What You Have on Board

  • Maintain a Current Inventory (update whenever something changes)
  • Physical Description
  • Photos & Condition Reports
  • Appraised Values
  • Physical Location
  • Dimensions

Document, Document, Document — Documenting Everything Goes a Long Way in Protecting Art On Yachts

  • Keep a Documentation/Binder
  • Evidence of Ownership, Provenance, Tax Status, Including Purchase
    and Export Documentation, Stamped by the Relevant Tax Authorities
  • Receipts
  • Digital Copies & Backups

Protecting Art On Yachts Means Understanding How the Collection is Insured

  • Are works covered during transit or while off the yacht, in storage?

Consider Risks When Determining Placement of Art When it Comes to Protecting Art On Yachts

  • Light
  • Wind
  • Motion
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Salt
  • Traffic Patterns and Human Interaction

Ensure Art is Professionally Installed to Protect Your Treasures Onboard

  • Hire Professional Art Handlers
  • Use Marine Grade Hardware
  • Mitigate Risk

Setting sail with your art safely intact requires the kind of special attention that only an art professional can provide. That’s why hiring the experienced art handlers at Bellissima Luxury & Fine Arts Services is vital in ensuring that your treasures are handled with the best care. If you have a question about placing or storing your art on your vessel — we’ve got an answer.

If you have any questions or would like assistance, please call us at 954-256-0090.

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