What our Clients are Saying…

We are very satisfied with the work done for us.

Michelle C.

Excellent!  Thank YOU for being so efficient!

Jodi H., Interior Design

"Thank you so much for your excellent, professional service."

Sarah C.

"The service has been excellent. The work is one part the other is patience with my clients. That makes all the difference."

Thomas B.

"You and your team have exceeded expectations every time I have had the pleasure of working with you. In fact, I just gave your contact info to a member who used a different mover to handle her household move of art and antiques. They lost and broke many things and it is an ongoing ordeal ...I have every confidence that she will be taken care of or at least, well advised.  Bellissima is my go-to company in Florida!  Thank you for your...

Joan S.

“You and team were extremely professional and accommodating throughout this process. We truly appreciate your services.”

Onishi Gallery

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