Climate Controlled, Ultra-Secure Storage Sets Bellissima Luxury & Fine Art Services Apart

Bellissima Luxury & Fine Art Services represents the pinnacle of security and storage. Our facility is climate controlled, with an onsite generator capable of maintaining optimal temperature and conditions for up to two weeks, should there be a power disruption. The building is category 5 hurricane-rated, and can withstand wind gusts of up to 200 mph.

Climate Controlled, Ultra- Secure Storage Sets Bellissima Luxury & Fine Art Services Apart

We safeguard your precious items using Climate Controlled, Ultra- Secure Storage.


How It Works

Managed Storage

Managed storage differs from “self-storage” in that our clients do not bring items to the warehouse…we go to our clients! Our professional staff will pack your valuables and transport them in our climate controlled, air-ride truck and safely secure into storage.

What We Store

When you need to protect your most valuable items, call Bellissima! (Here’s just a sample)

  • Art (flatworks, sculptures, crated works)
  • Fine furnishings
  • (Non-chemical or hazardous) household items
  • Wine
  • Stemware, crystal, silverware
  • Antiques and heirloom items
  • Rugs
  • Documents

What We Do Not Store

Although we love Fido as much as you do, he would be much happier staying at home! Similarly, we cannot store the following items.

  • Chemicals, hazardous or flammable items
  • Jewelry
  • Gold, precious metals, or monetary denominations
  • Firearms
  • Living items (plants, animals, etc.)

Storage Options

We off a variety of storage options depending on your unique needs.

  • Private storage vaults
  • General storage area
  • Storage for oversized or crated items
  • Art
  • Wine storage

How Long Would You Like to Store with Us?

Choose the plan that works for you:

  • Monthly (our minimum)
  • Seasonal (most popular with our “snowbird” clients, this runs June – November, the summer hurricane season.)
  • Annual
  • Project based storage (Doing a renovation? Call us to discuss!)


  • Pricing is determined by cubic ft (volume)
  • Minimum monthly rate for up to 225 c/f.
  • Seasonal pricing (a.k.a. Hurricane storage (June-November)
  • Annual pricing
  • Specialty project based pricing is available (including art fairs)

Other Important Information

  • When we collect your items for storage, our technicians will document each item and provide you a copy of the inventory we have collected and secured into storage.
  • Condition reports and digital inventory are available.
  • Once we assume care, custody, and control of your inventory only Bellissima staff has access to it.
  • You and your designated representatives also have access, by appointment.

Still have more questions? Call us!

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