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RoboVault’s former president buys company’s fine arts division


blog-test-img The thriving art services division of the once-troubled RoboVault storage business in Fort Lauderdale has been purchased by former RoboVault President Susan McGregor for an undisclosed price.

Launched as Bellissima Luxury & Fine Art Services, it will continue to operate out of RoboVault, a high-tech, climate-controlled storage complex at 3340 SE Sixth Ave., and cater to private estates, yachts, offices, museums and galleries.

“There is just a tremendous opportunity. The fine arts business was growing much faster than the self-storage, and it was also the part I loved the most,” said McGregor, who was president and general manager of RoboVault since 2013. Before that, she had been a BankAtlantic and BBX Capital human resources executive.

McGregor was put in charge of RoboVault after it was acquired out of bankruptcy by BankAtlantic’s holding company BFC Financial, now the parent company of BBX Capital. During her tenure, RoboVault’s revenues increased by 80 percent, McGregor said.

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