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January Issue – Faces of Palm Beach


Bellissima CEO, Susan McGregor, The Face of Luxury and Fine Art Services, Palm Beach


“Bellissima Luxury & Fine Art Service’s client base includes some of the country’s most prolific private art collectors, yacht owners, interior designers, domestic and international art galleries, museums, and auction houses. The Face of Luxury and Fine Art ServicesSusan McGregor’s relentless commitment to delivering “the Bellissima Experience” to each client embodies the pinnacle of skill, white-glove service, and security for fine art, furnishings, and other luxury items. “Our private clients are passionate about their collections, and many have spent a lifetime building them,” says McGregor. “We work directly with our clients or as part of a team of professionals, including insurers and trust and estate attorneys, who are dedicated to safeguarding these beautiful assets.” Bellissima also works with interior designers and galleries, supporting them and their clients with a full range of services such as art installation, packing, custom crating, shipping, and storage. Bellissima operates out of a category five hurricane–rated facility that employs a biometric security system.”

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