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Protecting Art Before & After A Hurricane


Protecting Art Before & After A Hurricane

Documenting, securing, and protecting art before & after a hurricane is important, especially if an insurance claim is necessary after the storm. The tips below will not only keep your art as safe as possible but will also show your insurance company you were not negligent, should a claim be necessary.

Before the Storm

To better protect your valuables, follow these tips before a hurricane:

  • Document: Photograph all your collectibles and document their current condition prior to the storm so any potential damage can be assessed.
  • Secure indoor art: All wall hanging devices should be properly secured. Artwork hung on plaster walls needs extra stability as wet plaster could allow art pieces to fall.
  • Secure outdoor art: Bring outdoor sculptures indoors. If they cannot be moved easily, wrap them in burlap or blankets tied with rope to protect them from wind damage.
  • Use interior rooms: Art taken off walls should be stored at least three inches off the ground, wrapped in plastic (if the surface is not tacky), and separated with cardboard larger than the size of the frames.
  • Art evacuation plan: Prepare an evacuation plan so your collection is secured in a climate-controlled art storage facility if moving it offsite ahead of the storm.  Confirm arrangements ahead of time as service providers who will transport will be limited.
  • Up-to-date appraisal: Make sure your collection is appropriately valued according to current market conditions.
  • Update insurance coverage: Make sure your policy is current, including recently purchased or sold items. Include current appraised values.

After the Storm

  • Document: Photograph and make a list of all damaged items.
  • Restoration: Address any damage promptly before the condition worsens. Place the piece(s) in a lighted, air-conditioned area to help prevent mold and mildew.
  • Contact a professional conservator for assistance as soon as possible. For referrals to a qualified independent network of conservators, appraisers, and other fine art specialists, contact your agent or broker.


To ensure your art is protected during the hurricane season, enroll in the Bellissima Priority Client Program! We will arrange a plan of action ahead of time to collect your art and store it at our CAT5 Hurricane Rated Facility. Should a hurricane be a threat to your area, our art handling specialists will collect your art and bring it back to our facility until the storm has passed. They will then schedule to deliver your art and reinstall it like it never left. Our program is limited to a first-come, first-served basis. Enroll today!


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