Luxury Services

We offer premium luxury services to support your unique lifestyle.

Chandelier Cleaning/Installation

We specialize in cleaning and installing even the most fragile and delicate chandeliers. We can be scheduled as needed, or on a seasonal basis.

Before(L) & After(R) photos: Bellissima performs the detailed work of carefully cleaning each crystal to restore radiance and luminosity!”

Each crystal cleaned + each bulb replaced = Brilliance!

Packing Delicate Objects

Very fragile, antique and delicate objects require extra care and protection when packing for transit or storage. Our art handlers are experienced in handling the most fragile objects such as stemware, china or heirlooms and use state of the art packing materials.


The proper storage of valuable and investment-grade wine requires both expertise and a remarkably stable climate-controlled environment. Fortunately, for wine collectors, Bellissima Luxury & Fine Art Services excels at providing both. Valuable wines are properly packed andx transported in our climate controlled air ride truck, to a secure state-of-the-art vine vault with security and redundant refrigeration systems. Linked to a backup generator, the cooling system is designed to be fail proof and will run at full capacity in the event of a power outage.

The vault environment is impeccably maintained at ideal temperature, humidity and lighting levels. We Whether you are preserving your current collection, seeking to expand your investment, or wish to afford additional protection for your “liquid” assets, call us today to reserve your wine vault or schedule a pickup.

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